About ClickEra

Clickeraltd is a digital marketing agency based in Cyprus, dedicated to providing top-quality digital marketing services to both local and international clients. Our talented team devises smart marketing strategies, creates corporate brand identities, designs and develops cutting-edge websites, and helps our clients gain visibility through targeted advertising.

Our tactics include Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Content Marketing, Digital PR, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more to drive user action and help businesses achieve their goals.

As a Premier Google Partner, Bing Accredited Professional, and Yahoo Gemini certified agency, we have the ability to promote our clients to a vast online audience through Google, Bing, and Yahoo networks.

Our team is made up of talented individuals who are passionate about what they do. We believe in dedicating all of our energy and creativity to delivering end products that accurately reflect your brand’s character, mission, and vision. Our ongoing focus on innovation and commitment to excellence enables us to help businesses achieve success in various online marketing fields.

We understand the vital role we play in helping you achieve your mission and are dedicated to continuously evolving, investing in our people, and improving our processes to meet our clients’ needs.

To get the ball rolling and start your project, get in touch with us! We are eager to talk to you and identify your needs, goals, and the scope and scale of your project.

Why to choose us ?


Achieve maximum efficiency and functionality by optimizing your online presence with Clickeraltd.


Analysis: Analyze every detail of your business to ensure success with Clickeraltd.


Create the perfect plan to boost your online presence with Clickeraltd.


Take one step at a time to implement each piece of the puzzle.